H264 in Hopper/Sling erases settings


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Sep 12, 2007
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
H264 arrived on my hopper/sling overnight. When I turned the receiver on this morning I was presented with a page that required me to enter some settings. Upon investigation I discovered that the following settings had been erased or set to the default settings.
Favorites list
Remote control setup
TV resolution
Guide settings

Frustrating to have to go through and recreate all these things. This update has not yet arrived on my other hopper/sling and I am hoping that it does not affect it the same way.

Anybody else have this experience?
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Well, H265 arrived overnight. It switched my recordings sort from "season, episode" to "record date". I was able to switch that back through the options menu. Haven't found any other changes so far. This is strange!!!!
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