H3 365 Unable to watch 540-1 with black screen and overlays


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Mar 18, 2007
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well, tried to watch 540-1 world series. had it recording, and tried to watch it delayed. screen black, had overlays, showed end of post game, would not play, no sound, just sat there with a black screen... grrrrr. remaining time showed it was the end of the 3hr game in the full screen info page, it was about 1hr in at max.. so that was wrong.. had a bunch recording, so didn't want to crash the box, gave up on it and let it record.
was smart and also had my local fox network, was watching that and at one point it wouldn't fast forward at like the 5th inning, then jumped back to the start. sigh... gave up on trying to watch it..
this morning, the 4k recording starts with zero issues and works as intended, I was able to FF to the inning I shut it off last night... no clue what's going on and why I cant get it working when recording or live.

does anyone have any ideas or any tips why I'm fighting the 4k black screen. there is another game tonight, I can try the pregame to see if I can get that working somehow.. not sure if should record and watch delayed, or record and watch live, i can try tuning to the channel, but that usually is black screen with overlays and sound working.

seems I fought this before, 3 years ago.. hey, was the world series back then too... have not tried tried multi I don't think this time around. I can remove the splitter and go h3, denon, tv tonight.. should I change or do anything on the h3 for the tv settings, or reboot the box ??
I'll try mainly on the pregame, and record both local, and 4k. survivor, and several other shows on tonight, so don't want random box crashing during those.
Say, not sure if its just me, but if I'm watching regular stuff, then tune to 540, I get a black screen , I am able to see the overlay like if i hit select, but the video isn't showing. I recall the previous channel, get back to a picture, then go pip 4 screen, that goes 4k just fine, exit pip, then tune 540 again, everything is perfect.
is this just me ?? the overlay has me confused, being able to see that. if I had equipment issues, would I see that, vs a complete black screen, ??

path is h3, hdmi 4k splitter*, denon 3600, sony 75x950g
the splitter is a Blackbird 4K 1x2 HDMI Splitter, Blackbird 4K 1x2 HDMI Splitter, Supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 4K@60Hz, YCbCr 4:4:4, Featuring 4K to 1080p Downscaling - Monoprice.com I use that for branch for my office tv, and a bathroom tv also.
for testing I can bypass the blackbird splitter, but its not a huge issue, but enjoying the world series in 4k.
thanks much for your time
Well, for testing, I removed my ehd, usb antenna , and the splitter. Also did a soft reboot after disconnecting them.
Guessing the results will be the same, but had to try something.
Was thinking I might get a reply, or some ideas...

Will know more in an hour or 2
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well, I had success last night. but something i did different, i punched in 540 select.. other times i was from the guide then select on the desired channel.. not sure if that had anything to do with it.
with the items removed, punching in 540 select, picture worked as intended. since i had time before the game, i reconnected the antenna and ehd and my splitter again, rebooted the h3, and tried punching in 540 select, still working good.

possibly I had a bug selecting the channel from the guide ?? the one day the recording didn't start may have been the playback / blackscreen glitch more than a 4k no picture issue, since there was no sound,

i'll leave everything connected and use as normal the next few days, then try punching in 540 select when there is programing again... (no clue if there is another game, or football. haven't looked since I only watched to the 4th, then switched to survivor) i'll watch the end this morning, i did check the 4k recording, worked good .
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Did some testing on this last night as well and I didn't have any issues. Fortunately I don't work 24 hours in a day so we're still in the process of playing the recording back but everything seems to be working fine.

Not sure what prevented your viewing previously but I'm glad it worked last night.
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I'll try tomorrow morning when there is programming back on, to see if punching in still works..
strange I had this same issue years before.. probably the same h3 as then too..
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