have a 942, can I just get the HD + 5 Vooms with getting a Family pack


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Oct 2, 2003
Here my challenge. I called a CSR (end up with somewhere in India I think).

I have a 942 that I paid $250 for the Option to Lease. I am under the Digital Home Advantage (DHA) plan.

I want to sub ONLY to the $10 HD Pack and the $5 Voom pack. I cant sub to the HD Stand a long Pack becasue I do not have a MPEG 4 recevier. I understood there would be a $5 extra fee for not having a TOp anything pack and a $6 DVR fee.

The CRS said NO I must sub to at least the Family (top pack) as I am a DHA customer even though my 1 year contract is over.

So to get the HD that I want I have to have the Family plan also and I cant get the HD Stan a lone pack is this right.


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Sep 7, 2003
That's correct, if you're leasing you must subscribe to certain minimum programing for as long as you have the leased equipment.

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