Having trouble getting guide data for Zenith HD-SAT520 (1 Viewer)

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Jan 1, 2006
Rockford , IL
I tried to do a search on here but really couldnt find anything. I have hooked up the SAT 520 and set it up but don't get any PSIP guide info for my local stations. I currently have the OTA, D* and cable hooked up. I wasnt expecting info from cable (but it would be nice) but I thought I would get it from OTA as I did with my Hughes E86 (which the Zenith replaced) as well as my Samsung T165 tuner and my HD-Tivo. I hoping that some of the people on here that have this or the Sony piece can shed some light on this for me or tell me what i'm doing wrong. It does have software dated 6/01/05 01:29> HD2 2.00.00 if that helps.

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