HBO is BACK on DISH (2 Viewers)

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Aug 30, 2010
On the eastern Arc Max is 61.5 Tr 13 HBO is 61.5 Tr 09 HBO LT is 72 Tr 27

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Supporting Founder
Dec 6, 2003
Lemont, Il.
I subscribed to HBO early the day it was offered at $15.00 per month. Just called Dish and explained to the CSR about the discount. He adjusted the price to $12.00 per month for the next 12 months.
Also when your two year contract expires so does your auto pay and Hopper discount. That's a savings of $10.00 per month. Check your expiration dates.
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Oct 30, 2010
New Jersey
Having a bit of a problem. Have HBO Max and it renews on the 11th so I went ahead and cancelled and it says it is still good until the 11th. Went on my Dish account and when I follow the link for the $12 offer that everyone has posted it takes me to my programming page and when I select premium HBO is unchecked but if I check it to add it it says $15.

Am I missing something? Rather get this right from the start then having to deal with them for the adjustment.
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