HD 622 Freezing HD channels. (1 Viewer)

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Jun 26, 2008
Hope someone can help. I recently had my one year old vip622 DVR die. Had no problems with it until the very end. Dish sent me a new 622 which I installed exactly according to instrucitons and had up and running. However within about 20 min of receiving programming the HD channel I was watching froze but I still had sound. I swith channels and went back to that channel and there was no picture but I had sound. I rebooted and had the picture back but again for only about 20 minutes when the same thing happened. However only certain HD channels are affected (always the same ones). When one goes out all the affected ones go out (except sound). SD channels are not affected at all. Dish is having a technician come out but not for 2 weeks. Anyone have any insight on what might be the problem.

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
As said many times, check your satellite/OTA signal level. With no recording and the channel in doubt displayed, do Menu 6 1 1, the signal feed and level will be displayed. For the 622/722, a reading of more than 40 is expected for 110/119/61.5. For 129, a reading of 20 to 30 may be all you can get. OTA levels are much higher. If in doubt about the satellite, select transponder (TP) 11 or 12 for 110/119, others apply for 61.5 or 129. For example, we know TP27 on 129 is low and you may not want a spotbeam and some TPs are empty.

If this is your problem then you will have to re-point your dish/dishes. Start with just finger pressure on the rim having someone watch the meter--allow some time delay. Ideally you could see/hear a small remote TV near the antenna. If there were improvements then consider loosening the bolts and make small adjustment in the aim.
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