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May 3, 2006
Vista, CA
There seems to be an issue with Dish providing Closed Captioning on some of the HD channels. In some cases it may be that a particular network doesn't wish to provide but in other cases, there doesn't seem to be a credible explaination why CC isn't present for broadcasts.

I've tried to have discussions with Dish tech support several times on this issue of HD captioning on some channels, but receive replies that have nothing to do with the questions asked. Quite frustrating.

Now with locals being available in HD, some of us are left wanting. San Diego locals became active yesterday (5/10), w/o captioning. I know for a fact that the stations being broadcast offer captioning on their HD feeds. I've been a cable subscriber in the past, and on the HD provided local broadcasts captioning is present.

Many, but not all, HD channels available on Dish are captioned. For example; TNTHD, HDNET (not the movie channel though), ESPN, ESPN2, HBOHD and SHOWHD. As for the others, I don't have a clue why not.

This is not a issue for those that have taken care of their hearing but for the reckless among us, many baby boomers going to too many rock concerts, the presence of CC is essential (especially if your spouse, or significant other, doesn't share your infirmity).

Guess for now, I'll have to continue to watch my locals on the SD channels. Damn!

... rab
North San Diego County
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Feb 16, 2004
Same problem here in Los Angeles. CC is available on the SD feeds but not HD. It was on Time
Warner Cable, but not now on Dish.
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