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Dec 16, 2003
Sorry about thread title.....I always wondered what the big deal was...now I know and I feel the pain of wanting more content.

I got my 811 last nite from Sears.....swallowed my dinner without chewing...anxiety about new toy!

I got it all hooked up, spent 15 minutes with CSR setting up receiver on my account and talking about the bird at 61.5.

While we were still on the phone, I asked her what channels were HD she said...here is ESPN HD cuz you're a guy! I clicked over to that channel and expletives left my mouth as I couldn't believe the picture. I told my wife to come here and flipped from ESPN channel 140 to ESPN-HD channel 942?..channel # not important. The difference was stunning! I am so glad I went to Sears last nite...I was skeptical at first.

Now the complicated part...for me.

I want to put up wing dish...for CBS HD...should I wait...the CSR mentioned the S word again....(superdish) and thought most of the HD content would require that at some point....I thought they decided against that?

Anyway, I can get a used Dish from my friend and a used Quad LNB...take the twin LNB off my dish, install the quad...run 4 outputs inside for 4 receivers....then does the wire from the twin LNB on the 61.5 dish go to a switch and that feeds the 4 wires that are already going out?

Or do I need to run another separate cable from 61.5 dish inside? Doesn't make sense since there is only one satellite input on receiver right?

Thanks guys for being here and all the info.....I am a happy man!
Glad your enjoying the 811 JVC, I can't help on the hookup part but ESPN is the worst of the HD channells, they carry less HD and mosty stretch the SD stuff. HDNET, Discovery HD and HDNET Movies are great as well. HBO does a pretty good job too. SHOHD only has a few actual HD Movies.

I guess you can't get digital OTA broadcasts. I am lucky, I get CBS and NBC and PBS Digital/HD, and could get ABC if I put a rotar on my antenna.

I find the OTA HD Broadcasts even better than the Dish HD Broadcasts.
ESPN-HD is almost unwatchable to me because of the high number of broadcasts that seem to be stretched. I cant stand looking at stretched images.
I agree, ESPN needs to start shooting in HD, or something, very few of their broadcast look good. The Winter X Games looked good and a few basketball games.

Compared to the others, they suck.
I've been eyeing the INHD site and the content there looks pretty solid. Hopefully we'll see this in the not-so-distant future.

Chas said in the last charlie chat that he was far along in talks with about providing "about a half dozen" more channels in the next six months, and Starz/Cinemax were not among them. Hopefully INHD/2 will be.
Hockey in HD

What's amazing to watch (to me) is HDNET when they broadcast Hockey Games. It looks great...almost as good as the ESPN HD football games. :)
HDNET games do look good. The only problem is that they rebroadcast the games. I hate watching games that have already been on. I hope ESPNHD starts doing more actual HD broadcasts. That stretch picture gets old fast. They should at least fix that.

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