hd nhl

Oh forgot to say its on HDNET.Was goin to have buddies over for the game thats why I wanted to know,if its not gonna be on,screw it.
All the Dallas games get blacked out here in Dallas. Never get to watch the Stars or Mavs.
I have never had a blackout on HD net.
There's a good reason you never get blackouts, you don't have a NHL Hockey team in Alabama! The blackouts are for those people who live in the areas around the home and away teams playing that particular game. It's absolutely stupid that the vast majority of people who want to watch these games are blacked out! HDNEt really screwed up by deciding to do their own productions instead of using the Fox Sport channel feeds. Using the Fox Feeds (as in years past) allowed all the games to be free and clear but since HDNet wants to do their own production the blackout rules (to protect FOX Sports rights to the NHL) kick in and most of us are screwed!

To the original poster, yes you will be blacked out of every Buffalo Game on HDNet because of the stupidity of HDNet for not doing things the way thye always did!

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