HD Tivo on production hold ?

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Sep 8, 2003
I have a home theater customer that was next on a list for a DirecTV HD Tivo at Ultimate Electronics and was told that a hold has been put on the unit and they probably would not start shipping again until September. Take it for what its worth.
This MAY be true, I just heard about it from someone at about 8:30pm. However this person was not a regular contact.

Something is up at Tivo, and I have a feeling will may start seeing the new Sky software on DirecTV soon.

Although DirecTV does not need to have stock in Tivo to work with Tivo.
It was said in the beginning that they would start production for a few weeks, then a short shutdown while production is moved to Mexico. I think that's what happened since CC online dried up for awhile and folks are now getting them again, and the new ones say made in Mexico.
Thats about right, spent my 921 money on my first replay and an x-1 :) , spent my 921/d*tivo money on a htpc... bought another replay waiting on the tivo to show up at my "local"(152 miles away) cc or best buy so I could actually look at. Gotta bonus coming at end of month and no d/tivo.. shagafrassinrassinrassin ( as muttley would say) :)
Not sure who to believe but Ultimate did say it was because of new bugs (SOUNDS MORE LIKE DISH).
I just got my HD TIVO on Friday, June 11. It was made in Mexico.
If it is not made in Mexico, it is made in China.

I just spoke with my UE rep at SoundTrack in Ft Collins, no mention of a delay but I didn't ask.They are expecting 320 units to fill orders within 7 days, or at least I hope so!

I have read about a lot of "bugs" and dead/dying units over at TCF.
Just based on postings at a number of sites, it appears CC has sold many hundreds today alone -- I would guess there are more than a hundred folks who have POSTED they got one today through CC.

Uhhhhh...so much for that "production hold"?
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