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Jan 20, 2007
New Jersey
I am running a DPP twin in central NJ. i am told that I will need a second dish pointing to 65.1 to receive HD programming. Is there anything in the works as far as changes for my area that will allow Hd to be received with my present dish or one dish in the future ? I presently receive all NY hd broadcasts from an OTA antenna in my attic by switching the input on my samsung lcd tv by switching to antenna on my TV remote. Does the present Dish Hd offering make the switch to Dish Hd make the whole upgrade worth the effort ?
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When you consider that most of the national HD is on 61.5 along with NY HD locals and SNY HD, I would think that the additional dish should be worth it. When Dish turns on the Eastern Arc, you present dish will not be needed as most of the mpeg4 sd channels will be on 77.
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