HD vs HD Lite?


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Feb 10, 2005
This issue seems to affect both D* and E* and seems to be a popular thread on both forums and wonder then, since it is pertinent to both Dish dealers, if some of the posts should be repeated or moved here so as to get a greater "push" from both sides of the Dish market to get something resolved with the FCC, the Satellite Dish dealers promoting HD or somewhere along the line.

I think this issue will haunt both D* and E* since their competition, VOOM, went under and they have no incentive to improve quality because they can both collaborate and give us NO competitive decency in HD.

I would also like to see posts from C-band Digital HD customers as to what their PQ is so we can see a general trend.


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Jun 16, 2004
I would like to see what HD is available on C-Band also. If Dish doesn't resolve their HD-Lite issue then I will be checking in on C-Band. I don't mind spending the money to get a C-Band Dish, a 922 receiver and HDD200, a actuator, C/Ku Feedhorn and LNB's, switches, etc. because if I'm going to spend the extra money on a HD pack then I won't it to be HD and not some sorry ass attempt to save space and screw the customer over because they are so damn greedy. Thats what it come down to is greed. They think they were going to pull a caper on us and think we wouldn't catch it so they could save space. When are these companies going to quite being so greedy to the customers that have made them so much money from the beginning?

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