Need help with Horizons HD-S2A Meter (1 Viewer)

Lyle Smitson

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Oct 25, 2016
Corpus Christi TX
I have one of these, manufactured in England, made for Europe, but can work in the US. They do NOT update or support files for this meter, but it's main component CAN decode certain signals (like DVB-S2) that their US counterpart, Birdogs, cannot. I want to use this meter to install a variety of services including Hughes and X2-NSat. I just need to make custom files (that Horizons refuse to engage and develop) for use here. The manufacturer said Birdog files will not work in this meter. I want to try to use the CUSTOM feature to install and test files. Has anyone had any luck developing files for this meter?

I bumped into a web site that shows transponders on satellites that carry services that this meter could potentially decode and allow me to lock on the signal for alignment, but I cant recall the site.

Any help is appreciated.

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