No more Comcast on Demand with TiVo

What’s up. I got a message that my on demand is going away on my TiVo?
This has been coming for quite a while now. Absent the gubmint finding a suitable replacement for CableCARD, the carriers are having to do their own conditional access thing. Apparently Comcast doesn't see the benefit of chasing after TiVo anymore and I'd imagine that TiVo isn't in a financial or technological position to front their own solution.
Its much more economic to stream with a cloud dvr..ratherthan maintain expensive hardware soloutions .not to mention they have more control over ad skipping...face facts...the traditional dvr with a hard drive is fading away...the advertisers are jumping for joy

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So I will cherish my Hoppers as long as they last.

Charlie is doing us a favor. We can keep our on site DVRs for as long as we want. Today.

For as long as it lasts.

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