MLB Extra Innings on Xfinity


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Nov 10, 2008
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Just switched to Xfinity after many year with Directv. Did not like that Extra Innings wasn't in 1080. After a little checking, I found out I just had to voice command "Play MLB Extra Innings Beta". Problem solved.;
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Depending on the cable system, (This area in N GA being year 1,) Comcast is Beta testing HD MLB Extra Innings. It depends on if the system has the bandwidth...(Most do with Comcast that are digital now.) They are really going after cord cutters with new packages...(I'm still saving cord cutting since they took away WE, WGN, UP TV, and removed STARZ premiums out of Digital Prefered (old name,) and now just leave in the Encore channels. They also have started allowing Cloud 20hr DVR without using an X1 DVR. A lot of their Streampix I had saved at my gf house are now gone. I must rent or buy. Most are On-demand if you get that channel with commercials. Speeds for internet you can choose. Problem is if you choose their 25Mbps, and use their Xfinity Mobile, hotspots are severely limited and usually if you do hit one you must use a "complementary hour pass." After you've used those up, you must pay for a pass. Any speed above that you automatically can access their "millions" of hotspots. I use their mobile service and just have their internet at 60Mbps. Using their Arris gateway currently, with help from a good friend, I hit over 70Mbps using Comcast servers instead of going outside by using Ookla and choosing their direct servers. My monthly phone bill, granted $12 per Gig, but just me and girlfriend, is taxes, fees, phone, $12.15 per month. Almost done with their phone service. I probably won't re-up. But it's a decent service...considering it's Comcast I'm talking about.

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