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Aug 4, 2008
I live in Philadelphia. I currently have DISH with no HD with my dish pointing south west. I assume looking at 110,119,129. I tried to upgrade to HD. The installer tried to install a 1000.4 to see 61.5,72.7,77 but I had trees in the way so he told me I was out of luck.

I looked at the transponder tables today and it seemed like it would still be possible for me to get HD on 110,119,129 except for my locals. If this is correct, I think this would be acceptable to me since I can get locals OTA.

The transponder tables I looked at are a little old. Can someone verify for me if this is correct? The Dish CSR was of no help in this area.


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Nov 17, 2003
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yes you can use a Dish 1000.2 to get 110/119/129. All HD that is on 61.5 & 72.7 is on 129.

You wouldnt get your locals in HD since they are on 61.5
You also wouldnt get your local RSN because Comcast is using a loophole to not allow sat viewers to get the channel at all


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Nov 25, 2003
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61.5 is where Philly's locals are.

I just checked the sat map on the 129 satellite. How far are you from Pittsburgh,Pa.? Because they are on the 129 sat on transponder 9 /spotbeam 26.

Hd locals
Abc - channel 6477
Cbs - channel 6478
Nbc - channel 6479
Fox - channel 6480

So if you don't mind "moving" to Pittsburg , you get the big 4 in hd and the sd locals are on 110. There is also Erie Pa, on the 129 sat if it is closer. If you want to see what is available on the western arc sats for Pa. , here is the site to check it on and remember the sd locals will be in a different spot from the HD locals. For example Pittsburgh hd locals are in the 6400 range on the 129 sat, and the sd channels are in the 8100 range on the 110 sat.

The Echostar Knowledge Base

Also your sd locals for Philly are on the 110 sat beneath the Pittsburgh locals. So if you have ota hooked up to your hd receiver , you would get the right guide data for your Philly locals ota and use Pittsburgh for satellite to record your network shows in hd. The best of both so to speak. I have a similar setup in my area of southeast Texas. I am in Beaumont ,Tx, 90 miles from Houston. I use Houston locals for my hd networks and get guide data for ota for Beaumont. I have the 722k so I can record 4 shows at a time. I even get the Cw from Houston in hd over the sat. The best of both worlds.
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