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Oct 12, 2005
Covington, La
My Sony Grand Wega is HDMI, as well as my 942 (622 coming next week!).

I currently am using the DVI to HDMI cable with the DVI converter that came with my 942. I have no problems, and the audio even passes through.

I am wondering if there is a noticeable difference if I were to go buy a pure HDMI cable?

Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Jun 13, 2004
Meridian, Idaho
I subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought. Remember, you're dealing with a digital signal here, the cable itself won't impact the quality of the picture; either the zeros and ones get from your 942 to your TV or they don't. Your system may be a bit convoluted, but it does work, though I'm a bit confused about the audio pass through. I always thought DVI was video only, and if you introduce a DVI converter/switch to the process, you would loose the digital audio signal.
If you're feeling curious about a straight HDMI connection for the 622, order up an HDMI cable from monoprice.com, if for no other reason than to test out the HDMI out on the new 622 to make sure it works ;)
Max Wright

Max Wright

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Jan 10, 2006
I had this same type of system when I first got everything connected. It started to bother me that I had this huge DVI to HDMI conversion apparatus hanging from the back of my television. I followed the advice of guys like griz_fan and checked out monoprice. Just for the benefit of not having an extra connection where dirt/dust or something else could go wrong, plus not having the extra weight pulling on a connection, made me feel better. That ease of mind for less than a $5 investment is worth it. Plus, you'll have an extra HDMI/DVI cord that might come in handy later.


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Feb 26, 2006
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I would say make sure the HDMI only plug (no adapter) is on the 622's end if you have to keep an adapter in the system. Like Max Wright has hinted, any extra weight or leverage there is asking for problems! John Kotches, I believe, also reported some strange video artifacts ("scintillations" ??) noticed with his converted plug that were not there any more with a straight connection.

Altho' like griz_fan I generally agree with the "don't fix what's not broken" school, this is one case where I believe the upgrade is warranted. YMMV

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