hdmi splitter issues


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Dec 16, 2021
Just had a upgrade from old dish system to new hopper and one wired joey,,,my old setup i used a splitter to run a 3rd tv in bedroom,,with new setup the spliter will not work,,,i have tried hdmi splitter but it refuses to work,,,does the signal that comes out of hdmi outlet allow it to be split,,if so HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK,,,i been pretty good at tech stuff for many years but this one is stumping me,,a coax cable in run to to joey from main satellite box receiver,,,if i try to attach coax directly into tv it ownt work,,only works if i attach to joey and then attch hdmi cable ???What step am i missing...do i need to have a powered splitter,i also tried usng the rca jacks on joey with a rf modulater ,,,it wont work either...hoping to figure it out so i dont have to buy another joey
I would consider a powered splitter first. How old is your current one? Some of these cheap products eventually stop working.

I had a switch (connected to Joey with hdmi cable) for two tvs. I had to push a button on it to use either tv. (One tv at a time, not both at the same time.)
I was told here to use a splitter instead. It did the trick.

Will the signal quality degrade when you split it if you turn on both tvs at the same time? I don't notice it.
Hopefully, someone with experience and knowlege will be here soon.
The splliter I have is no longer available (at least on Amazon) but it works well, both for hd and 4k. I have the joey outputting to the splitter input and from there, I go to my a/v receiver (which sends the signal to my projector), a second output goes to a bedroom tv and the third output goes to a home office tv. It has worked flawlessly for two years. If you can find it I highly recommend it. It is a gofanco prophecy 4x1.

Always get one more output than you need because one output will usually go out on you and it is good to have the spare. If you need to go to three displays, always get a four output splitter.

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