HDMI Splitters?


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Feb 23, 2006
Does anybody have experience with HDMI splitters? I have a westinghouse 32" LCD and a westinghouse 17" LCD I'd like to run my 622 to. I bought a cheap basically a Y-cable. It works fine, but if I shut off my 17" LCD, I don't get a signal on the 32". Also, when I try to split the signal to my Optoma HD70 projector, nothing works at all. So, I have to run component to that.

What I basically want is to run my 622 to 3 different HDMI tv's. I could use the components, but isn't the HDMI true digital signal, and component is analog?
Yes, component is analog.

What you need is a HDMI distrubition amp. You should be aware that they are quite expensive right now but should drop in price as more device have HDMI.

Component distribution amps (with either digital or analog audio) are more reasonable and you may want to go that route.
Well, I'll probably run a component amp for two of the tv's (Projector and the 32" LCD) The smaller 17" LCD only has VGA or HDMI, so I'll run that to the HDMI port on the 622.

I saw that the HDMI amps are quite expensive, so that's not really an option.

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