HDTV in a box for $999 on 12/8???


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Oct 28, 2003
During my 811 install/activation call this afternoon, the Dish installer handed me the phone so I can ask the "when is the 921 due" question. (no update)

Instead, he told me that starting tomorrow, a new HDTV in a box promo starts. $999 includes a 40" (or a 42" can't remember) OR a 60" monitor, customer's choice and the 811 receiver - No commitment (??).

IF you commit to a year or more, the price is even lower (he did not elaborate) Only that - "I wasn't suppose to tell you, but oh well..."

Thought I'd pass this on, don't know if this is old info, bad info, or what - but I'll be calling tomorrow (maybe after the Chat) to see if this promo is good..
I dont think there was ever a 60" moniter mentioned but perhaps it was a 34" or 40" them being two different types. Also I think they wanted $999 alone for the HD television before so that is like giving the 811 to you and better than that if they give you a discount.
I thought the larger monitor was the 48" myself, but I did confirm with him the $999 included the 811..
Thats not too bad considering the 811 retails for $399 but existing subscribers are getting the 811 for $149 or $199. Then again new subscribers would get a discount on the package under Free Dish plus a second receiver (301) to boot and some other deals even better than that on Free Dish for those that sign a two year contract.
Don't forget. That HDTV will ONLY work with the Dish receivers. You will not get HD from any other connection.
Good point - off topic - Can I have 2 811's on my account?

I did a spot check on bestbuy.com - one example is a 30" Philips flat tube, HD ready, no shipping for about $850 - plus the $149 811 receiver = better deal ?
Can't recall where it was, either Nebraska Furniture Mart or Best Buy had a Sunday Newspaper ad offering a 52" RCA HDTV for 1299 and they would package a D* HD system for another $200. 52" HD with satellite setup for $1499.
mkm4m that is only with the DVI input. The component inputs will be normal.

But that doesn't change the fact that these sets are garbage and not worth the money.
The last time this promotion was mentioned, the
bundle was a 921 or 811 with a 34" direct view or
40" RPTV. RCA tv's with Dish Network labels.
The last time this promotion was mentioned, the
bundle was a 921 or 811 with a 34" direct view or
40" RPTV. RCA tv's with Dish Network labels.
OK - just got off the phone with the CSR -

For now; Existing customers Do Not Qualify for the HDTV in a box promo (sorry if this is dup info)

Also - she gave me specifics on the physical size of the TV's (again, sorry for any dup info)

34" Direct View - 39.25" w x 24.5" d x 26.75" h - 170 lbs
40" Rear Project - 38.13" w x 22/25" d x 43.75" h - 120 lbs w/stand

Off top -She also mentioned - that there is a one 811 receiver limit per household @ the $149 price - otherwise it's $399 for an additional receiver

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