Help ! 301 Lost Transponders


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Sep 8, 2003
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My 301 has lost transponders 10, 12, 14, 16, & 18 from 119.

I have run a check switch. Everything says OK, but still no channels.

I have done a hard reset for no effect.

I go to the signal strength menu, and I am getting 0 signal strength.

My 501 has no problems and is getting 80-100 signal strength on these transponders.

Any advice?
I turned on my TV today and my channels were black. Ran the check switch and it was fixed. Since, you've already tried all that, maybe the csr's have something else you can try.

When you did the check switch on the 301, was the 510 off? If it wasn't you might wanna try the switch again and see if that makes a difference
Hop on one foot, light candles.. and pull the smart card out and re-insert it.

Try another reciever (if you have one in the house). If the other one has the same problem.. it's the dish. If not, it's either the reciever or the line to it. If your other reciever is working, swap them out and see if the same reciever is having trouble. If the problem is in the same room, it's either the dish or the line, if the problem goes to the other room, it's the reciever.

Check the dish to see if it's loose anywhere, the mast isn't level.. something to knock it out of alignment. Check the line, rusted connectors, burnt stingers, and kind of corrosion at all. If you have a switch, bypass it and see if that fixes it.

If you're at all uncomfortable with fixing this yourself, call Dish and tell the CSR's you found what your problem is and send someone out. You can usually get an appt within 2-3 days max.

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