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Jun 18, 2008
I have a Dish 500 with model 311 with 4 receivers. my problem is that three of the receivers are working fine but 1 my DVR is having trouble. i keep getting an error 002 that the signal is not coming through,so i am not getting all my channels like i get some channels that come from the 110 satellite and some channels that come from the 119 satellite, so it's not one satellite that is down or not working. i'm just getting some from 110 & some from 119. I do not have a switch, so i know that is not bad. this just started two days ago. any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks, melissa
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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
Could you try that again with the correct information?

1. What is the model number of the DVR (501, 508, 510, 721)?

2. What text appears on the LNB assembly?

3. How many wires come out of the dish?

4. When was this system installed (give or take six months)?

5. Have you tried swapping the DVR with one of the other receivers?

I suspect that your reporting of your setup is not consistent with the reality.


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Nov 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Put the DVR on a known good satellite outlet and see if problem still happens, if it does, swap the box.

Put a 311 on the outlet where your DVR was originally and see if it has any problems there. If it does, then its either cabling or LNB.

To troubleshoot the cabling, follow all the cables to either the switch or LNB. Then swap the wire at that location with another outlet. If the problem moves to the other outlet then you should replace the LNB or switch. If the problem stays at the same location, then you've got a bad wire. Look at the connections and see if it is a burned up corroded connector or if the whole wire needs replacement. To further confirm the wire in such a case, you can use a temporary wire from LNB/switch to receiver to bypass the installed wire.
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