Help Dish Changing from orbitals 110,119 to 72,51?

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Jan 4, 2015
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I have a 'friend' with a DISH setup down in the Caribbean that has been using a DISH 500+ w/ LNB 110, 119...he is listed to a New York City address to receive those local channels...

Anyway, several channels (like PBS) have started to error out when you try to switch to them. When the 'friend' called, he was told that a technician would need to come over and change out the satellite because there is a transition from orbitals 110, 119 to orbitals 72, 51 for that area of service.

A local technician that is working freelance in the Caribbean told him to switch to a St Thomas address. But the problem with that switch is that the primary feed for St Thomas is from Puerto Rico (so all the Network affiliates run their commercials in Spanish, and they cover national spots over with local Puerto Rico ads...not watchable, particular when watching live sports).

So I was trying to find out if this change in satellites is the entire East Coast of the US, or a market by market issue? If it is a market-by-market issue, does anyone know what cities will still receive 110, 119?
I need to know if my 'friend' needs to switch his address, or buy an new LNB
Thanks to anyone that can answer this one!


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