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Jul 9, 2012
I got a new rv that has a Furrion tv. I have Dish network with a Dish Hd satellite dish. I'm able to receive over the air channels but get no signal from my satellite. I have turned the power booster off and have it connected with a HDMI cable and still no signal. We used the satellite with our old rv the morning we got the new one and it was fine. Could it need recharged only being off for a few hours?? I'm totally at a loss. It just shows no signal. HELP please!
You sure you are looking at the correct HDMI port on the TV that the cable from the receiver is plugged into. You should be able to see the menus on the receiver even if you are not connected to a satellite.
I can see the menu but it every test I do shows no signal. All of the satellites are marked with the x and are red.
Are you using a dedicated satellite coax from the dish to the receiver? You can't use the "cable" line through the powered amplifier.
The satellite coax is from the satellite to a connection on the outside of the rv. On the inside of the rv there is a connection for the antenna and below it is another two connections that had a jumper between it. From what I read the top one was for the satellite.
If there's a splitter in the walls past the exterior cable connections, it won't work. Seen that on a few RV's before
As a test run a cable from the dish through a window to the
Hopper3. Be sure to connect the cable to port 1 on the dish as explained in another post here. Once you have everything working then you can figure out how to make the cables look pretty and convenient.
I think that's exactly what we will do. Make sure everything is good than figure the wiring mess. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all the info
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