Help Using Dish 500 for 61.5/72.7 (1 Viewer)

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Feb 22, 2006
Northeast Louisiana
Hey guys... I want to hit those two satellites with a dish 500. I have found threads through google that tell me it's possible, but nothing on how to figure out skew, elevation, etc... Anyone that has done this with any ideas to share?
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Jan 4, 2007
Fairfax, VA
I am really searching for how to calculate the skew and dishpointer won't tell me how to calculate skew to aim a dish 500 at those two satellites... Unless I am missing something. If I am, please tell me.
No, this was my blunder; sorry about that! I should have double checked my link first. But you are right. The best you can do with Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps | is to duplicate the numbers for a 1000.4. What I was thinking of was actually this: Satellite look-angle calculator where you can enter a dual-sat setup and it takes an average for you.
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