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Dec 6, 2004
Hey gang I know this question has been ask before, but screen readers and search have not been my best friend on this topic LOL. I decided to take advantage and upgrade to a 625 a few weeks back... I wanted to get the 722, but felt for the time being my best option was the 625... Everything is cliking along fine except for the wonderful connecting the phone to the Rcvr message... The problem is I have all Rcvr's hooked to the phone line. I called Dish and they did a rehit and everything was fine for a few hours then poof it came back... I ran a phoneline test on both my 510 and 625 and everything seems fine and have done all the normal test that DN always wants you to do... Any suggestions on how to get the aggrivating message to go away for good... I don't have any issues having the phone hooked to the Rcvr, but do have an issue with the stinking pop up reminding me what I can do... TIA CC
There are many phone line error messages, can you post the three digit number in the upper right hand corner of the offending message?

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