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Dec 16, 2009
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I currently live on the 4th floor of an apartment complex and would like to get Dish Network. After spending a couple of really long phone calls with the customer support center, Dish said at the very end that they can't install in anything above the 2nd floor and that I should talk to a retailer.

The one retailer I spoke to was very rude and wanted a credit card number even before sharing any of the pricing with us. Also wanted a contract separately from Dish.

Can you help me with: ?
a) Is there a way to convince Dish to do the install and avoid going through a retailer?
b) The only place for the dish in my apartment is on the roof (on top of the 4th floor where I live). My apartment complex is not happy about installing dishes on the roof - but a few of them have done already and I dont understand how they did it. My neighbor got it done and he said he didn't have to call any retailers.
c) Do you need a signed copy of letter from apartment management approving the dish?

If I have to go with a retailer - what do I need to watch out for?

Suggestions are welcome. I'm in LA.

Thank you!

Claude Greiner

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The problem here is that Dish will refuse to go out, so your really limited on who you can go through that is willing to perform a miracle to get you installed.

As far as your treatment from retailers, from a retailer myself here is the issue exactly how I see it...

#1 Your in an apartment, which means your a higher risk for disconnection because your more likely to move and disconnect than someone in a house. If you don't keep the service for 1 year, the retailer looses his commission on your account.

#2 Your 4 floors up, with no balcany to mount the Dish and probably don't have a line of site on your side of the building. This means that its likely the installer will come out, spend an hour of his time doing a survey and there is a good chance you cannot be installed.

#3 You say the roof is the only option, what that means to the retailer is that its more of a problem to get installed because you need to get a letter of permission from the management or owner. This is just another problem for the retailer or installer to deal with, as we don't want to install your system and be told the next day that its not allowed to be mounted on the roof and have to move the Dish

As far as a credit card, with all those factors I just mentioned working agenst you getting a Dish, the retailer basically wants to check your credit, and run your credit card first and see if you qualify for the service before they spend an hour on the phone with you discussing packages and equipment configurations.

Not trying to sound negative here, but apartments several floors up with no balcanies require alot of hoops to jump through to get installed, with I would estimate less than 10% actually getting installed where as on average we are able to install 95%


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Jun 2, 2006
I am a retailer as well.

I second everything Claude said.

I would ABSOLUTELY get a seperate contract signed.

Too much of a high likely hood that this will disconnect before a year and we dont get paid. This is not worth our time.

If we install on the roof without permission then find out later that you cant have it and have to disconnect because your landlord is not happy, then we are out all the time and money we spent doing your install.

As for asking about the credit card first this is standard for us. I wont talk to a customer for 20 minutes on the phone then to find out that they dont have a credit card.

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