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Jan 25, 2011
I thought of another way of hiding a dish by putting bright lights on the outside of a dish. When anyone walks near it blinds people so it looks small from a distance. I think its a good idea?

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No, not a good idea... trying to blind people walking there? And paying electricity provider for light source?
What, if a passerby is a welder, carrying with him his dark glasses, so, he still would be capable of discovering your dish?
OK, let's stop imagining unreal scenarios...
The easiest way of camouflaging a dish is to cover it with a box or a diaphragm, which would be transparent to Ku-band waves (frequencies),
but opaque to visible light. The box could have a label with words like "Rain monitoring sensor" or "Pollution monitor", or... whatever your
imagination and probability suggests...
The very idea of concealing of a dish is a good one, though...
Polgyver it would have a motion sensor and I doubt people would carry welding helmet unless it's me. I get what you say I was coming up with a new way.
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