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  1. Finally updated my mini-mac to High Sierra yesterday, seems faster, even windows 8.1 with parallels is pretty zippy....
  3. About the only thing I've noticed with High Sierra that seems odd is when forcing the screen to turn off, the smooth fade to black stops at 50% before continuing to 0%. Before, it was a smooth fade-out. I'm talking about moving the mouse to a hot corner (lower right for me) to put the screen to Sleep.
  4. I had an issue with Time Machine. Though it was still in the exclude list my Windows VM started getting backed up constantly after High Sierra. I ended up shutting down Time Machine and reformatting my external disk. Works just fine now. Irritating couple of days.
  5. Haven't ran Time Machine yet, probably tonight...
  6. I have an issue with the latest iTunes, iOS 11, and High Sierra where my iPhone does not synch or back up if I plug it into my iMac when the systems asleep. Oh, the disks spin up when I plug in my iPhone, but the next morning I'll see that the Synch/Backup never started. Since it's cold out, I went ahead and placed my iMac in the "Avoid Sleep" mode so the screen turns off, but High Sierra is still active. A little extra waste heat in the bedroom is welcome...
  7. The important metric will be how fast Apple announces an updated testing regimen to avoid such extinction-level failures as this. On the iOS side it took a couple of days after the "I" bug fix was announced that the correct operation of the on-screen keyboard should be fully tested key by key. Still no word on the it/is bugaboo that the iFix appeared to have introduced.
  8. I thought Apples were shield from these vulnerability. This only happens to windows.
  9. Got a new Macbook Pro today... first new laptop since 2012.

    I can't believe the sound quality difference between the 2012 and the 2017. :D
  10. I got the latest 15” in September. Replaced a 2012 iMac with it. I have it hooked up to an OWC Thunderbolt 3 docking station to use with a 27” monitor. The sound is good from the internal speakers on the MacBook’s.
  11. And the Fix apparently broke File Sharing... Apple Shares Fix for File Sharing Issues Following macOS High Sierra Security Update
    (I know I've used this before...)

    Or, as someone said on the MacRumors Forum:
  12. They were much more careful back in the day. Fast forward to 2017 and all notions of that have pretty much been laid to rest on both the Mac and iOS platforms. Now you have to treat Apple stuff the same way you would treat Microsoft stuff and work around the stupid things that Apple has done through a painfully obvious lack of testing. Most *nix-like operating systems won't allow you to set a blank password for any account much less the all-powerful root account.

    I read at forbes.com where Apple has released seven patches for iOS in eight weeks and at least two of them made what they were trying to fix worse. In recognition of their newfound weakness, Apple has instituted a "triage" approach and no longer summarily denies that the bugs exist but tries to offer workarounds (like manually altering how the auto-complete engine behaves) for the bugs they've introduced.
  13. Here's a Reuters report regarding Apple's commitment to audit MacOS product testing:

    Apple to audit development processes after Mac bug discovered

    From there they move on to figuring out how to address what the audit found (i.e. insuring the every key on the keyboard works).

    This may assume that Apple's patch is an unqualified success and recent iOS history suggests that may be getting ahead of the game when it comes to "zero day" patches.
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