Hitachi 55VS69 Settings

Not familar with that specific display; but first off, WELCOME!

What do you mean exactly by "setup"? Picture adjustments?

How do you feed video to your display?

You might want to look into getting your display professionally calibrated.

I can also recommend you check the "sharpness" adjustment if it has it; and turn it anywhere from OFF to maybe only as high as 2%. This has to be the most misused / mislabeled adjustment that can kill an image IMHO.

On my projector it is OFF, but on my Hitachi UltraVision it is set at 2 "clicks" above off. Not very scientific.
Welcome to Satelliteguys!

Gregg Lowen is a fantastic calibrationist, click on Lion A/V at the top of the page.

A rudimentary way to tune your TV which will improve the display is to buy the DVD Avia, it's a setup disc.

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