Holiday Music Now on Dish Network

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I came home today hoping that they turned on the HD Channels on 105 only to find that they did not

(Come on guys... SuperDISH's are now being rolled out and we KNOW the HD Channels are being uplinked to 105 why not make them available to those who subscribe to those channels and have SuperDISH's?)

However I did find a new channel on Dish and it's the Holiday Music Channel it can be found on channel 982.

Speaking of Holiday Music, I found all my holiday music and stuff from when I did the Live 24/7 DBSTalk Holiday Channel last year and have donated my collection to the folks at DBSTalk.COM.

You will soon be able to hear you favorites on the DBSTalk holiday channel, make sure you check it out. A lot of work went into buying, encoding and uploading those songs so I hope everyone enjoys it. I am sure Chris will do a good job running the channel this year. :)
My local installer, is coming out on Friday to install my Superdish. He says that I will be able to get the HD channels on 105, but I am not going to let him remove my 61.5 dish until he proves it. Scott, have you tried calling Dish to get the 105 HD channels authorized.
Yup I did, they told me they cant provide support for the SuperDISH and that I would need to contact my installer.

From what I am told by John H these channels are still only authorized for Engenering only.

I hope they make them public soon!
I doubt it. I have talked to VP's who can't even get mine turned on.

I know other people who have had a SuperDISH for quite awhile and also can not get the HD channels.

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