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Sep 21, 2010
A few years ago I milled a dish from plywood, later covered with aluminum foil. Its focal length is approximately 32" (or, 80 cm). The idea was to use it on a balcony, with the LNBF attached to the balcony railing, thus WITHOUT LNBF holding bar. Preferable balcony position would be facing South. The dish would sit close to the wall, and LNBF would be positioned close to the railing, but below it. Nothing could be visible from the ground level. Another advantage with longer focal length is possibility to get 2 degree LNBF spacing.
Recently one of my friends accepted that I test my dish on his balcony.
For quicker set-up, I used separate small stand for LNBF, instead of tinkering with its attaching to balcony rail.
Unfortunately, the balcony was facing West, thus the dish's position was not under the wall, but at an angle. But there was still enough room to walk between the dish and its LNBF. And longer focal length, say, 42", could give still more room to walk.
Seven annotated pictures follow:
thumb_IMG_6106_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6107_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6110_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6111_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6113_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6119_1024.jpg thumb_IMG_6122_1024.jpg


Feb 7, 2017
Salam alaikoum Je vous félicite pour ce travail Est-il possible d'expliquer la méthode de fabrication de cette antenne et les matériaux utilisés avec ses dernières découvertes?

Salam alaikoum I congratulate you for this work Is it possible to explain the method of manufacturing this antenna and the materials used with its latest discoveries?
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