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Dec 17, 2003
I now have one receiver (811) activated. I have acquired an older 501 PVR that seems to work OK. Did I read somewhere that if you keep your receivers hooked to a phone line that Dish would not charge the monthly fee for the 2nd receiver?
Also is there a monthly charge for the PVR functions on a 501?

Thanks, Bill
501's have no monthly fee for dvr the newer 510 and up do.
If u activate the 501 u have to pay the additional 4.99 monthly access fee
I have 1 receiver but no phone line..Got rid of my land based phone over a year ago.When i called about getting another receiver under my account the csr started to give me a hassle about not having a land based phone and finally said that the 2nd receiver would only cost me the 4.99 monthly access fee.
501, 508, 721 have no DVR fee. 7100, 7200, 510, 921 DO have a DVR fee. That fee is $5 unless you take the AEP package.

The 322 and 522 will not have an additional outlet fee of $5 on the second tuner of each of those receivers unless you choose to not connect a phone line up to them. You will still get charged for the additional outlet fee on the first tuner of those receivers. These receivers are not allowed to be activated for existing customers at this time, only for new DHA customers.

Example: You have two 322 and one 522 recievers on an account. The first 322 you get no additional outlet fee charged because its the main receiver. The second tuner does not have the fee charged because you have a phone line connected to it. The second 322 has a $5 additional outlet fee charged but the second tuner on that receiver does not get the fee charged if connected to the phone line. The 522 first tuner is charged the $5 addtional outlet fee but not the second tuner if it is connected to the phone line.

1st 322 = $0 for additional outlet fees (none for main tuner)
2nd 322 = $5 for addtional outlet fees (for first tuner)
The 522 = $5 for additional outlet fees (for first tuner)

Total $10 in additional outlet fees when before you would get $25 in additional outlet fees. You save $15 per month.

All other receivers that do not have dual tuners with two tv outputs will be charged the $5 additional outlet fee such as all the legacy receivers, 111, 301, 311, 501, 508, 510, 721, 921.
I just got a 522 under the DHP plan, so not sure if u meant both DHP AND DHA or just DHA.


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