Hooking up Combo VHS/DVD Recorder to Dish network DVR 522


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Dec 26, 2005
Gibraltar Michigan

I'm wondering what is the best way to do this, RF Cables? S-Video, Composite? right now i got the 522 hooking up to the TV with RF Cable, since the Combo VHS/DVD Recorder only has 1 input/output on the back of it, unless there is another way to do it, and i'm missing that way.

HDTV--Panasonic, Component input availble(2 of them), Input 1,2,3,4,

Panasonic DMRES45 is the model of the combo i think
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Hooking up Combo VHS/DVD Recorder to DVR 522

Thanks for replying, if i find a S-Video cable, would the device (VHS/DVD Recorder) need to be on all the time if i hooked it up to output on the DVD-Recorder, and hooked that into the TV.....Also using Component Cables, but i assume cannot record off those from the television, S-Video cables are not much so shouldn't be a problem getting those.

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