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Jul 3, 2007
I have a VIP722K with a Sling Adapter. I understand how this works, the Sling Adapter uses tuner 2 in the 722. If a timer starts a recording on tuner 2 or someone at the house is using tuner 2 to watch live tv you lose control with DA. Since the Hopper 3 has 16 tuners and built in Sling is it possible to have this same problem on the Hopper 3? In other words does the built in Sling use one of the tuners like the adapter on a 722 does and if so if sling is in use will the tuner be protected from other uses while DA is active? Second question is the Hopper 3 limited to only one DA connection like the 722/sling adapter is or can you have multiple DA connections active at the same time?

Thanks in advanced for any responses.
If you are using DA, the Hopper 3 will select any of the other 15 tuners to use for your other purposes. You will find zero conflicts with DA or recording...
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