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Jan 10, 2007
When adding DVR recordings tonight... I thought I added about 60 and went to the list and only had 16. Beyond frustrated... I had tried to copy them from the hopper 2 without any luck.

Issue's I've seen besides above, a couple of times I've gotten the black screen w/ app usage. Hopefully that's resolved quickly.

The on screen keyboard on the search page seems to jump around with the arrows. When I click left it sometimes goes one spot, other times two. Same with the old 40 remote too. Anyone else have this issue?

Is there any way to use a PC to setup all the recordings?

Where's the rhime or reason on setting up recordings on if it suggests new vs new and old. Also how come some recordings get setup as seek and others as "DVR". It seems seek will look on all channels vs specific... but not sure how or why to setup one vs the other, it just kind of controls it on its own. Any suggestions on this?

How often are new software updates still going out on this receiver? If I knew it was so buggy, I might not of wanted to upgrade.


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Dec 29, 2006
New Jersey
Just installed? Give it a couple of days. Did you back up timers and settings to your remote just before switching and transfer them to the Hopper3? Make sure the guide is fully populated before you set new timer. Seek timers are created if you search and the program isn't in the guide. When the show appears in the guide or DVR on a seek timer, I delete the seek timer and set a regular timer so that I have full editing capability.

I don't use apps, can't help you there.

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