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Nov 8, 2013
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Wondering if others are successfully using caller ID on a HOpper 3?

Have been fighting a battle for a while now.

A couple months ago the customers Hopper 2 quit displaying Caller ID, we upgraded him to Hopper 3 and all was good. Roughly a month later the CID quit working on the new Hopper 3. We then swapped out one Hopper 3 for another(after substantial troubleshooting hoping to blame the telco), then the CID started working on the replacement Hopper 3. A month later it stopped working. The local telco providing DSL internet(1-3 Mbps). Have done a ton of troubleshooting. Would like to think that it is a DSL/DSL filter problem as the telco technician was on site for 1/2 day fighting to get the customer even 3 Mbps, however just for testing purposes we stuck in a 222, and the CID worked fine. Also after the telco tech. was finished, the CID on a his phone was working, however on the Hopper 3 was NOT.
At last check landline phones CID working, however NOT working on the HOpper 3.
Yesterday the customer changed to HughesNet, in attempt to be rid of the terrible DSL He is planning to call telco Monday and remove the DSL service. I am wondering if getting the DSL signalling off of the copper lines, will possibly allow the CID on the Hopper 3 to work properly.
Any feedback appreciate.


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Jan 4, 2007
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I run a VoIP line over Cox Business, and my adapter is IIRC a Linksys PAP2T. The signal from the PAP2T is what puts out the CID, and that shows fine on my H3 and my J3's.


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Jan 22, 2007
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I had that very problem last month where my HWS started saying there was no phone line connected to it despite confirmation of a dial tone. A replacement HWS remedied that issue. I considered going to an H3 but didn't feel like signing a 2 year commitment. I also have DSL.

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