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Ok, sorry for taking so long to respond. First off, again I feel stupid, but when I pulled all my equipment back out planning to start the hook-up totally over, I just happened to see that the USB cable coming off the AMP running up to my conditioner wasn't plugged in so it wasn't getting power at all! So I had been trying to get all my locals with just the OTA antenna (Sensar III). As I said, I was only getting about half of those we have. But when I plugged the AMP in, Bingo, all locals we have available (Beaumont) came back & all at 100%. So it appears, at least in my case, that little Winegard Amp was necessary even though the Sensar is amplified itself. So not sure why it works, but the fact that it does, is all I need to know! But thanks to everyone who offered help; I truly appreciate it.
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