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Dec 17, 2005
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Has anyone else had problems with DLNA media streaming to the Hopper 3 lately? It used to work (mostly) fine, but for the past few months I can't seem to get podcast episodes to stream properly from my media server. I can navigate the server and see all my content, but when I play a podcast it continually skips. It will play a few seconds, then skip ahead, then skip ahead again, and is completely unlistenable. Other times it won't play at all and will just loop through everything in the playlist. I am using Media Monkey for my media server. I can play the same content just fine using other methods, like using my TV's media streaming, but I would prefer to use the Hopper.

I should clarify that this problem only seems to affect podcast episodes and I have absolutely no idea why. Music files play just fine, but any podcast (no matter which podcast I try) has the strange skipping behavior.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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