Hopper 3 Folder Setup


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Jul 29, 2005
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Am I reading this thread correctly that I can set up a folder called "Recordings" or such, and then whenever i have an icon for something I have recorded (one show or a list) I can move whatever that icon refers to to a folder, where it will show up as a list? if I only have to move "Dr Pol" once to get future episodes to show up as a list in "Recordings," I am willing to do that. Or, maybe I will adapt.

Shows will still show up as icons inside a folder. Now if you keep several episodes of the same show they will show up as one icon with a number indicating how many episodes. When you select an icon with multiple episodes you will get a list showing the various episodes. The Hopper3 has a default of 20 episodes that it will keep. This value can be changed.


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Jun 13, 2006
And just to keep things interesting...
The Dish Anywhere (web version) has the option to display recorded programs by icon or an alphanumeric list. BUT it completely ignores the folders and can only display the recorded programs stored on the Hopper 3's internal hard drive. It would be kinda nice if Dish would be just a little more consistent -- at least once and awhile :)

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