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  1. I have been using the Hopper 3 for over a year now, and am still having search issues with it. I have looked around on these forums and also googled it, but am not really finding an answer. The problem is that searching is not bringing up results that are clearly in the guide. For example, I can enter the word "formula" to try and find formula 1 racing, but the hopper doesn't return any results, even though when I manually browse the guide the program title is "Formula One Racing". Why can't the Hopper 3 return such obvious search results?

  3. Did you try to capitalize F in Formula? Maybe it has to be exact, including capitalization....
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  4. I just did a voice search with a 54.0 remote to my H3 and got back several results. Got qualifying, the race, and post race. Did not get the pre race. I said "formula 1 racing.
  5. I'll give the capitalization thing a try, don't remember offhand if the H3 even has upper and lowercase. I don't have a voice remote, so I can't speak to that kind of searching. Thanks for the input.
  6. I just looked and it doesn't appear to have upper and lower case... My bad... But, I put in formula one and got several hits.
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  7. I see the same thing as the OP all the time. The search feature sucks and does not return a good list of results. I often search for something and do not get the results I am looking for but find it by manually looking in the guide. Upper or lower case characters make no difference.
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