Hopper Announcements

I'll stick with my 1 622 where I can watch 2 different things at the same time and save $11 in fees.
The 1st Joey should be fee-free to put it line with the 2-output boxes they have now.
I'm confused. I am s current sub with AT250. I currently have a 622 and a 211. I have 2 HD tv and 1 sd one. I'm think i would need 1 hopper and 2 joeys. What would my monthly equipment fees be? Currently the 622 is free, $6 dvr fee and $7 for the 211.
i really think that if the first joey isn't included they will not get the number of subs they were hoping for...

It shouldn't be a problem getting the customers that want HD to more than one TV which is what one of the main purposes of this system is for. I think people need to start realizing that this is a different system and is not just a rehash of the 722k. I agree that it would have been great to continue with the two room solution for no extra cost per month but I realize that this is a major upgrade and that it should cost more. I'm willing to pay more to have all my TVs in HD with access to all the same recorded content. I can't wait to get our equipment in and install it in my house.

Remote control blues? Not anymore!

Dish says I own my receiver?

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