Hopper TV Commecial

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Production quality is a step up from most Dish ads which is good.

First one is silly, but in a way that might help name recognition.
Second one pretty lame.
Third one - completely misguided.
I think they should have just run a commecial with the satelliteguys.us website address on the screen...gurantee they will will sell more Hoppers that way...this website is what got me excited...those commercials def don't
so the 2nd one is misleading....

record the most shows at once? So tonight when you want to record all 4 basketball games who will be able to? Sure as hell not Dish as it only has 3 tuners on their Hawper (I guess as the 1st commercial says it is).
Hmmm.....lets see. tonight I have the basketball games set to record on CBS, TruTV, TBS & TNT and a hockey game on FSN North with the HR34...lets see Dish try that ;)

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