Hopper wants to run check switches all the time?

Ever since the technician corrected my initial setup of 2 dishes/2 single nodes with a new single dish and a duo node, the Hopper that was always doing a check switch has appeared to stop checking.
Think I've got a bug inside of the 'check switch' bug:

I usually let it run it's check switch every AM and get on with my day.
If my kids or wife get to the tv first, they'll cancel out of the check switch.
and inevitably, later in the day, the Hopper will lose all signals from all satellites until another check switch is performed.
Ok...Now that my work hours have changed...I don't get to turn on my Hopper till after PTAT starts recording. Everytime I do I get the Check Switch and PTAT stops recording! Ugggg!!!! getting really frustrated, that I pay good money to have such a headache! How about at least offer us some kind of discount till this gets fixed or some free movies. Might make me feel a little better. Don't get me wrong, I love the Hopper. But I just want to relax in the evening. Not be pissed that i get to see a few mins of a show i like and pay for. Because of this Check Switch thing..Ok..done venting..
I did confirmation that the lack of the 77 orbital is causing this issue and they are working on the software upgrade to resolve this issue. I am sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully we will get the fix out to the Hoppers quickly!

Doesn't sound like this has been corrected yet?? Can someone please confirm?

No more check switch issues. Now just dealing with missing hopper icons when wanting to choose which hopper you want to watch your recorded shows
Same here, except it's replaced with the choose which hopper icon you want to watch your recorded shows on disapers and I have to reset it to bring the icons back :(
Thank you Dish for fixing it in 213! Now a new problem..At 1:00am when the system does it updates my Joey won't come back up. Have to pull power to get get it to work. it try's to work, but it turns into a pink flashing screen and makes a loud squealing noises and flashes between the pink screen and static..also when watching a DVR show, and the Hopper Loses signal cause of a storm, the Joey Loses connection to the Hopper.

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