Hopper3 receivers did constant reboot when I had no satellite signal


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Jul 29, 2005
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I recently lost my Dish satellite service for 3 weeks while my roof was redone. The roofer took two weeks and then Dish had a ten day delay before they could send a technician.
During the loss of satellite, I wanted to watch my 46 OTA channels and DVR content. This only worked for 2 days. After that both Hopper3 receivers would go into a constant reboot mode.
After each reboot I would get the error message of no signal. After several minutes the Dish diagnostics page would lose the center section which included the Model, Receiver ID, Smartcard ID, Secure ID, location name, DNASP, Switch, Software Version, Bootstrap Version, etc.

After the satellite dish was reinstalled, both of my Hopper3 receivers and my Joey 2 all work fine.

Dish support was surprised that my Hopper3 receivers were doing a constant reboot due to no satellite signal. They tried to connect to each of my Hopper3 receivers but they were unable to connect. At least they were able to give me a 3 week credit since I had no satellite service.

I read about others that have constant reboots of their Hopper3 receiver and I wonder if they are losing signal. I asked Dish technical support if my Hopper3 receivers had lost authorization but they were clueless. Again everything went back to normal once my Dish got remounted on my roof. The only change that I have noticed is that “Power Hopper off” audio command no longer works on my 54 remote.

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Wow, are they STILL that far behind out there??

I've heard of Hoppers rebooting due to signal loss before, I wonder if you ran a check switch, which would error out and lose the sats on the Test Installation screen, if that would stop it
Yes, they are way behind. I could have paid extra for a priority appointment in 4 days but I am a cheapskate. The Dish technician said he has been working 12-14 hour days. I thought about doing “test installation” which would eliminate 110,119, and 129 from my DPH42 switch but the Dish technical support person told me not to do that. I was disappointed because I had a lot of DVR content that I had planned to watch while my satellite dish was down. Of course my sons were upset that Dish anywhere would not connect since both of my Hopper3 receivers were dead. After the third day I unplugged both Hopper3 receivers to prevent them from continually rebooting.

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Any free 4k HDR content?

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