How do in know if E* grounded everything.



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The reasonis my 510 died 2 days after i got E* last week and i just got the replacement a few hours ago. I know on my grandma's D* there is this thin calble connected on the phase 3 and it goes into the ground over to her porch where it is in some switch. On my E* i dont see this and when my 510 went out we were near a placew with a thuderstorm. But my 301 stayed fine. Any clue on this and how i know if its grounded
You are basically looking for 1 and possibly 2 things.

A ground block is usually used to ground the entire system and dish. Look for one of these inline with your coax somewhere and there should be at least an 8 gauge wire, usually green, attached to it and going to an electrical system ground somewhere.

The National Electric Code states that the ground must be bonded with your existing electric service ground. It CANNOT be independent of the electric system.

The second thing to look for is if there is a ground wire attached directly to the dish going to a common ground.

When I install a dish, I attach the ground block to the mast of the dish so both the dish and the coax are grounded, like killing 2 birds with one stone, as shown in this picture:

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