How do you dim or turn off the blue hdtv light on a 211k?

A nicely cut piece of black electrical tape oughta do it. Or... (can't remember if that's a silver machine) a piece of duct tape. Use a hole punch to get a nice, small, dot.

done deal

I know this sounds really trashy, but if it's nice and neat, it's really not noticeable
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A dab of black touch up paint might also work.

I'm kinda trashy, so I'd just use a piece of old gum. If staring at gum is not your thing, then you can stick a quarter to the gum. Cauze everyone likes to look at money.
Either that or pop the hood, void the warranty, and cut one of the wires to the LED. Seems extreme, but griping about the blue light does to me as well! BTW, can't she just turn off the box?
The tape is a good idea. I used to 'quiet' old 56k modem speakers for customers that way. I think some places also sell little round dot stickers ( Wal-mart? ) that might work.
This is not just a light, the whole HDTV logo on the top right of the front pannel lights up bright blue. On Directv's newer HD receivers there is a way to dim and/or shut off their blue lights from the front pannel, I was just hoping dish also had this feature. For now she will use black electrical tape.

Thanks for the help.:)

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