How do you switch between TV1 and TV2?


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Jun 10, 2011
This may be a very stupid question, but my grandparents have dish and they have 2 TV's, always the same channel. I noticed that if you hit record, it allows you to record on either TV1 or TV2, so Im not sure if this is possible, but is it possible to completely switch (as opposed to just record) to TV1 or TV2? I couldnt figure it out.

In other words, instead of both tv's being on the same channel, how can I make one be TV1 and the other TV2?


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no question is stupid ;) We're here to help

what model receiver is it?

Most dual tuner receivers have a button on the front of the unit that says "mode" and it will be single or dual. Single is what you describe. Dual would allow them to watch 2 different shows on 2 different TV's. Press the button on the receiver to switch between single and dual mode.

Now note that if you record in dual mode you have 2 options
-record on that tuner. So TV1 would record on that. Then you're limited to what program you're recording. TV2 can still watch whatever
-force it to tuner 2 but if gramps is watching TV on tuner 2 in the bedroom and gramma wants to record "Dr Phil" or something it changes to record that and gramps cant wacth what he wants

Also in dual mode TV 2 would be on a different channel. Not 3 or 4 but something like 60.

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