How many people work in Software department at Dish?


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Mar 5, 2005
I am just curious because it seems to take an absurdly long time for the simplest of problems to get fixed, things are added I can not imagine anyone wanting while things people want never seem to get added, and there seems to be little to no quality control.

An example of quality control being the Home Media that worked just fine, was updated 3- 4 months ago and has been stuck in thumbnail view since. If someone would have just tried to use this app one time they would have noticed the issue. It does not work fine under certain condition and not under others. It never works correctly.

An Example of useless stuff is the hopper arcade. Who wants to play Tetris on their hopper or joey.

An example of taking forever would be Netflix on the J4K. Netflix is on every $29.99 dvd player and streaming stick you can buy and it takes over a year to get it on a joey.......

Is the entire department a guy or two living in their parents basement working part time for dish writing code on the side as a hobby. If the department is a few dozen people working full time their performance is sad to say the least.

I know a bit of a rant, sorry
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Full time or part time? High school graduate or not? In the US, UK, Hong Kong, China or Who Knows? English speakers? Relatives of senior staff?

Or the subcontractors who probably do the actual work?

The real villains aren't the programmers, it's the system designers. Or the "managers" who listen to the clueless in Marketing who think certain features aren't important., and dictate results.

<snark off>
The way I understand it is that most of the software is done at Echostar. Dish has some an in house team, but the major build of it is from Echostar.

Any questions?

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