How many PVR's on DHP


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Dec 18, 2003
Well CSR Roulette hits again. I am on DHP and am wondering how many PVR's I can have. One CSR says only one, while another says two. I think the discrepency lies in the fact if you lease or buy the PVR. I am willing to buy the PVR, but don't want to if they won't activate it. Which is the cheapest of the PVR's? Thanks for any help.
When starting DHP there was a limit of 1 PVR/DVR later with the 510 there was an upgrade for $49.99 where you could add a 510 owned by DISH. Currently you can buy a 510 or a 721 and add it to your system it will be owned by you and can be added as an additional receiver on your account. If you have completed your agreement you can return leased receivers without a penalty and replace it with an owned receiver.
Thanks for the info. I thought that was rhe case. So as long as I buy it, no problem. Thanks again

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